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My Christmas Present to Formula 1 fans » The 2011 Sexy F1 Calendar __by FakeVivian

If you are a Formula 1 fan (and a girl), you’ve probably already dreamt to see all the sexy F1 drivers posing half-naked on a calendar! :) But this wonderful dream has still not come true…

As I was bored to wait for nothing, I’ve decided to do this sexy calendar by myself! Unfortunately, drivers didn’t pose for me… (maybe next year guys, eh? :)) so I’ve had to find photos that already existed.

I apologize to the photographers: yes, I’ve stolen your pics, but please don’t put me in jail!

I also apologize to the drivers who are not on this calendar. It doesn’t mean you are not sexy (well… not all of you), it’s just because there’ll be only 12 months in 2011 (oh! Just like in 2010! Strange coincidence…)

Anyway, thanks to this calendar, you will spend a very nice year looking at sexy drivers… and you will also never miss any driver’s birthday since they’re already written on the calendar!

Now… enjoy the pictures…. ;)

(Go to the end of this post if you want to download this calendar for free)

If you want to download this calendar in high quality, click on the link below:


I wish you all a nice & sexy year! ;)

~ Fake Vivian ~

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